Age of military corporations. When Putin finished his political career, the western establishment sighed with relief and continued setting favorable world order on the planet. NATO adopted a policy of expansion, and for the next 15 years increases its contingent by more than half, opening dozens of new bases in South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Concentration camps and prisons like Guantanamo appeared on all continents. Revolts sparked the Middle East, Eastern and Central Europe, African countries and other weak centers of civilization. Global epidemy of local conflicts has begun. NATO worked hard; wealthy nations strengthened their defenses.

All this required enormous military expenditures from both the NATO members and the opposition countries. The age of military corporations in the world economy has began. Pretty soon military corps became the main generators of global GDP.

Combat robotic systems were first demonstrated in Moscow at the military parade marking the 80th anniversary of the Victory in World War II. Russia has showed a high-effective, well-armed unmanned combat systems on the Armata platform, that created a furore on the international arms market. Just within few years all the world's manufacturers of military equipment began to design similar systems.

In 2027 the German "Krauss-Maffei" presented at Eurosatory unmanned tank "Leopard 4", which was immediately purchased by NATO in the amount of 600 items. In 2029 Elon Musk presented on DEFEXPO the walking combat bot "Fiddler", which had been pre-ordered by NATO and India. Lockheed Martin began to develop a lightly armed drones, Boeing - heavyly armed unmanned hoverplanes. GM in collaboration with Google and DARPA issued a series of unmanned armored mechas with laser equipment LaWS. Uralvagonzavod did not lagged behind them, developing robotic systems on the Titan and Armata platforms. Tupolev engaged in designing combat drones, and Kalashnikov invented universal weapons modules.

By the middle of the XXI century all armies of the world switched to combat bots, abandoning the direct human presence on the battlefield - completely in the spirit of democratic humanism.

Eurasian Military Union. Global expansion of NATO was a serious concern in many large countries. Russia began to build military bases in the Middle East and South America, China - in Asia and Africa, but in comparison with the scale of NATO it looked not serious. The World War III was going on the economic, political, legal, social, informational and military fronts, and Euro-Asian giants obviously lose there.

When in the Middle East Iran and UAE have fallen with the NATO support, and in Asia has began numerous wars between countries, patience of Russia and China is over and they set up a military coalition EMU (Eurasian Military Union), to which India acceded soon. Objective of this military structure was to ensure safety in the East Asian region - declaratively, opposition to NATO - on the fact. The budget of the organization came out more than the AIIB, but it managed to restrain expansion of destructive processes in Asia.

However, by mid-century NATO reigns supreme on the planet. In the 2055, after a loud political scandal involving the redistribution of the last oil fields on the planet, and the subsequent tectonic nuclear "retaliation" for disobedient China, EMU officially announced the fullscaled war with NATO.

xCoin (common name of virtual money) de facto become the main means of payment in the shadow sector of the world economy. All the markets of drugs, human organs, prostitution, weapons served by the xCoin. Black arms market, crowded by abandoned, confiscated, rebuild military equipment, has grown much in half a century. Drug dealers, terrorists and bandits took advantage of this, forming a private armies which not inferior in scale to armies of some countries. This has created a lot of problems to the world community as a whole, and to the Eurasian Military Union in particular.


Hyper Weapon is a MMO shooter, made specifically for e-sport tournaments.

The action begins in 2055, when the forces of EMU and other countries raise revolt against the NATO military dictatorship.

All the planet turns into the battlefields of combat robots of various types: land, sea, air and space. Combat robots, equipped with the latest weapons, seek to destroy the enemy forces and take the leading position in region.

Arenas of fights are mostly city blocks of various locations (South America, Middle East, Europe, Russia, India, China) and industrial zones. Small squads, consisting of 15 bot-units of several classes (chess layout, see further) are involved in battle: wheeled (bot-units of close fight), walking (bot-units of distant fight), winged (universal) and scout quadcopters. Also there is mobile headquarter - the tactical control center and the base for rapid repair and recharging of weapons modules.

There are three parties of the conflict involved in the fight: army of NATO, army of EMU and private armies of the criminal world.

Teams consist of 6 to 11 players.

The team wins with max experience and the most advanced hyper weapon.


Hyper Weapon takes a lot from the chess. The battleground in HW is usually urban area of 8x8 quarters (analogue of chessboard), and alignment of battle forces on the map also close to chess:

Rook: "Titan", the walking heavy bot-unit, powerful long-range (laser / artillery / missile) weapons, low speed and mobility, 2 in team;

Bishop: "Cheetah", the wheeled or tracked bot-unit, weapons of average power and range, mid speed and mobility, 2 in team;

Knight: "Hawk", the flying jet bot-unit, weapons of average power and range, mid speed and mobility, 2 in team;

Pawn: "Hornet", the quadcopter drone, light weapons, high speed and mobility, 12 in team: 2 for each bot-unit "Titan" and "Cheetah" and 4 for mobile headquarter;

Queen: "Owl", the flying jet bot-unit, weapons of high power and range, mid speed and mobility, 1 in team;

King: "Base", the mobile headquarter, powerful (missile) long-range weapons, low speed and mobility, 1 in team.

On the map of hostilities there are several wide avenues, and the rest is a maze of streets, alleys and dead ends, which is convenient to hide, but not reachable for long-range guns.

Titans controls wide avenues, limiting enemy forces in a fast moving on the map. Cheetahs use drones to explore the streets and alleys in search of the enemy, if it is found - enters the battle. Hawks perform air support of cheetahs during the battle. Owl initially held in reserve. It includes the fight only when the last Hawk dies (then the operator of the Hawk switched to Owls electronic systems).

Mobile headquarter is usually located in the parts of the city where is inaccessible to the enemy troops. It does necessary repairs and recharge of weapons modules, and also controls the course of battle, intervening only in special cases. For mobile headquarter responsible team lead - the most experienced member of the team in the highest rank.

Player controls a single bot-unit and several scout quadcopters, switching between them during battle. Inactive unit gets into auto mode, i.e. stops motion and turns on defense systems. Quadrocopters can be controlled as single as in group.

Each hit the enemy gives to player a certain amount of score points, fold the damage. Total destruction of the enemy gives super-score and all score points accumulated by the enemy. Each damage reduces the functionality of a particular node and the entire machine, decrease below a certain level triggers an emergency power to be able to return to base for repairs.

The goal is to find and destroy enemy headquarter (checkmate). This is not a trivial task, because of headquarter is always in stealth mode, and found his bot-unit can be quickly destroyed. If the goal is achieved, then the winning team receive mega-score and prospects of increase in rank, the losing team - the prospects for reduction in rank.

Increase in rank means new star on the shoulder straps, a new map with a new task and raise of salary, which can be spent to upgrade your bot-unit's electromechanical components and to customize its facade.

Combat techs

The game has the wide range of combat bots of several classes:

• wheeled (on platforms type of buggy or jeep, from 3 to 8 wheels),

• tracked (on tank platforms, from 1 to 5 tracks),

• walking (various types of androids and arachnids),

• winged (quadcopters, jet hoverplanes).

All the tech has electrical drive. Manufacturers are Russian, American, European, Chinese, Japanese military corps.

Of course, EMU troops use military equipment only by Russian, Chinese and Indian manufacturers, NATO troops - by American, European or Japanese. Criminal structures use any available equipment, often assembled from parts made by different manufacturers; however, despite the chaos in technologies, mafia's combat bots are the pure rock-n-roll.

It is worth to special mention of the conceptual models of military equipment from the world's best designers, made by private design studios. They are work of design art, receiving prizes at international robotics exhibitions. They are incredibly beautiful, but very expensive, more haul of collectors than commanders.


The game also has the wide range of different kinds of weapons to be installed on combat bots:

• shooting — rapid-fire machine-guns and cannons using bullets with composite design: fired from the cartridge, reached high speed with a jet microdrive;

• missile — intelligent hypersonic missiles with armor-piercing high striking warheads;

• laser — visible or infrared impulse lasers with nuclear or gas-dynamic pumping;

• infrasound — destroys the integrity of the corpus with sound resonance frequencies;

Additional weapons:

• compact mines — explosive and electromagnetic;

• incendiary grenades — on the basis of napalm, in seconds heats the corpus to the melting temperature;

• electromagnetic grenades — generates powerful EMI which incapacitates electronics;

• smoke and light grenades — camouflage;

The extra protection can be installed on combat bots: reinforced corpus (static and dynamic protection from EMI, high temperatures, armor-piercing projectiles), reinforced chassis, mine detectors, anti-missile traps, anti-grenade mini cannons, stealth equipment, detection blockers, emergency power systems, etc.


Player can buy combat bots and weapons and additional electromechanics, using accumulated gaming salary or real money deposited to the player's account. From fight to fight these purchases saved.

The other situation is in tournaments — all players start with the same complectation and level up complectation in the course of battle, depending on the amount of accumulated points. At the end of the battle all purchases are cleared.


Hyper Weapon was initially conceived as an eSports discipline. Planned to hold:

Regular Tournaments: monthly on weekends. Stages: Saturday: qualifying, Sunday 1/4 finals, 1/2 finals, finals. All players can apply to participate. Prize to winner team paid in points.

Grand Tournaments: annually. Stages: qualifying, 1/16 finals, 1/8 finals, 1/4 finals, 1/2 finals, finals. Only winners of regular tournaments can apply to participate in the Grand Tournament. Prize to winner team paid in cash.

Fight Club: weekly on weekends. Stages: Saturday, Sunday: 1/4 finals, 1/2 finals, finals. All players can apply to participate. Prize to winner team paid in cash.


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